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Record Books - Paper Version

The latest Record Book Manual and Record Book Forms are HERE! 
The 2017-18 edition has added clarifications. 

The Record Book Manual and Record Book Forms have been split into two separate documents. Click the links below to download the most current manual and forms.

Current Manual (PDF):  2017-2018 Record Book Manual


This manual was designed to be more kid-friendly than previous versions. For more in-depth information, see the Record Book Manual for Adult Partners 

Current Forms (Word): 2017-2018 Record Book Forms

(Contains all forms and instructions for regular 4-H members. This version allows you to complete the form directly into the document and expand the rows as needed.)

Individual Forms

Personal Development Report (2017-2018) - For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members.


Annual Project Report (2017-2018) - For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members.

Leadership Development Report (2017-2018) - For Intermediate and Senior members only.

4-H Resume Template - For Senior Members only.


Primary Members Record Book (Ages 5-8)


*BRAND NEW* Primary Member Report forms have been developed. Members who are taking the iSprout Primary Project should use the iSprout compatible form. Members who are not enrolled in an iSprout project should use the basic form. Primary members are not required to complete report forms to receive their annual stripe and pin. 

Primary Member Report Form (iSprout)

NEW: Primary Member - Personal Development Report (basic)


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