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San Benito County
University of California
San Benito County

Fashion Revue

When: Judging is at the Vet's building on April 26, 2017

Show: All contestants are to arrive by 5:00 pm at the Hollister Elk's Lodge prior to the

Fashion Revue Show starting at 5:30 pm on April 27, 2017. 

Eligibility:  All 4-H Members

How to Register:  Download and complete 2017 Entry Form Still Modeling form.

Deadline: April 4, 2017

Questions:   Email Judy McCord at, Fashion Revue Committee Chair        

The purpose of San Benito County 4-H Fashion Revue is to:

  • Provide educational activities for youth who are learning and growing in citizenship, leadership and life skills.
  • Inspire appreciation of clothing, textiles, consumer science, and personal development.
  • Introduce opportunities to extend youth leadership and communication.
  • Promote self-esteem through individual expression.

Please review the frequently asked questions below.  These new rules will be in effect for 2017.  

Please check the State 4-H Fashion web site for more information on rules and entry forms.


  1. You must use a separate outfit for each entry. A member may only qualify to enter one outfit at SFR. To reduce confusion, counties are encouraged to adopt this policy: For example:  If you will be entering a vest in the Wearable art category, you may not enter it in another category. 
  2. To qualify to be a Medalist, your outfit must present a “total look”.  Examples of what is meant by a “total look” are:  Dress, jumper with a purchased blouse, full-length coat, two-piece ensemble, or a three-piece ensemble.
  3. Remember to accessorize your outfit with jewelry, flowers, a hat, or hair ribbons.  Example:  If you carry a book or flowers when modeling your outfit, you would be judged   as having successfully accessorized your outfit.
  4. A judging time will be assigned to you after April ? (Registration deadline).  Missing your   assigned time by 15 minutes will be a disqualification.
  5. If you need to request a specific judging time, please make a prominent note on your registration form before you turn it in.  All requests will be reviewed entry by entry and assignments then will be made.
  6. Please style your hair so it is out of your face.  Style your hair with ribbons or barrettes. This will also count as having successfully accessorized your outfit.
  7. Remember to wear proper undergarments.  Examples of appropriate attire are:  panties, slip,  nylon hose, or bra.  An example of inappropriate attire is: a black bra under a white or see-through blouse. 
  8. Proper shoes are important to the “look” of a outfit.  An example of inappropriate footwear is:  wearing tennis shoes with a formal gown, and flip flops with a wool ensemble. 
  9. If you have changes that need to be made to your Commentary after you have turned it in,  PLEASE,  BRING 3 copies of your corrected Commentary the night of the judging.  All commentaries   are to be typed and no smaller than .18 points.  All pictures and commentaries are to be turned in 2 days before judging.  Failure to turn them in is a disqualification. 
  10. In addition to a registration form, please remember that you must also turn in a Commentary and a photo of you in your outfit for each entry for your entry to be valid.  Also, certain categories require even more items to be turned in.  YOU MUST check the detailed requirements for the   specific category you will be entering in.  If you cannot access that information on line at the State Fashion Revue web site, you may contact the 4-H office. Failure to turn in pictures with your commentaries is a disqualification.
  11. Failure to follow the judge’s instructions, like being asked to turn around, taking off your jacket, belt, and etc., is a disqualification.  Being disrespectful and very flippant to judge’s questions is a disqualification. These judges are giving up their precious time to judge our event!

2017 Entry Categories

Traditional 2017, Consumer Science Purchased 2017, Western 2017 Challenge, UpCycle 2017 Challenge, Muslin 2017Challenge.

Traditional: The only change to this category for 2017 is the entry must be sewn by the member as part of his/her 4-H Clothing and Textile project.

  • Consumer Science Purchased has a $40.00 limit, shoes and sales tax not included. Receipts for all items showing except shoes are required, with purchases made during the 2016-17 4-H year. 
  • Western Challenge: Use any Western blouse pattern. (Read the State Guidelines)
  • Up Cycled challenge.   There is no specific pattern requirement. Additional garments to complete the outfit may be sewn or purchased. Take a "before" photo of the member holding the outfit and an "after" photo wearing the outfit. The entry must be sewn by the member as part of his/her 4-H Clothing & Textiles project.
  • Muslin Challenge: Use any pattern, technique, materials to create a costume. Read state guidelines.
  • Purchased category for Fiber Arts  and Sewing project members.  Accessorize your project (Scarf, Vest,  Hand bag, Tote bag,  or etc.) with a purchased or sewn outfit.  Remember that you are presenting a total look. This is for San Benito County members only and no county winner will be selected.
  • For all entries, the outfit must be produced and modeled by the individual member. The outfit must meet SFR modesty guidelines.
  • A member may only qualify to enter one outfit at SFR. To reduce confusion, counties are encouraged to adopt this policy: At county fashion revues where a member may enter more than one outfit, the garments, accessories, and shoes for each outfit must be distinctly different. An item in one outfit may not also be used as part of another outfit.
  • Counties may offer additional categories that do not advance to SFR.

The following categories will be modeled only and not judged

Please Remember the following categories will not be judged. They will only be modeled at the Elks Lodge on April 30, 2015.

  • Me Too:  This category is for clothing which was constructed by a 4-H clothing project member for another person and modeled by that person or a pet (live or stuffed) in the Fashion Show.  This can be a brother, sister, parent, grandparent, cousin who will be expected to model the ensemble. 
  • Extra Stitches This category is for 4-H Clothing Project members who have constructed garments in addition to the ones which are judged. No more than 2 items may be entered in this category. 
  • Creative T-Shirt:  All 4-H members may participate in this category.  Members are encouraged to be creative with fabrics, fabric paint, “puff” paints, bead work, appliqué, quilting, stitchery, etc.
  • Model’s Choice:  All 4-H members may participate in this category.  You or someone else can model the outfits.  Items such as sleepwear, ethnic costumes, and accessories are acceptable. These outfits may be purchased or sewn by the 4-H member.  Be creative. 
  • 4-Hers Choice:  Any 4-H member, in any project, that wants to model an outfit.
  • Any Cultural Outfit:  Any outfit themed to a different culture.
  • Project Displays: In conjunction with the 4-H Fashion Revue, all 4-H members are encouraged to participate by exhibiting other projects (such as posters, craft projects, cookies, cakes, etc.). NO live animals; no perishable food. These types of projects will not be judged. For these particular entries, please use a "Project Display" Entry Form. the number of displays that members are allowed to exhibit is limited to 4.
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