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Online Record Book

What is ORB

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The 4-H Record Book has undergone transformations over the years to ensure that it meets the needs of our 4-H members. The newest transformation is the 4-H Online Record Book (ORB), which is the Record Book of choice for youth members.  The ORB re-engages young people in the Record Book process through a new, fun, interactive format that offers social networking opportunities for members and volunteers within clubs.

What this means for 4-H Volunteer Leaders - The 4-H Online Record Book:

  • provides an accessible platform for data collection which is fun, engaging and standardized.
  • provides opportunities for volunteers to mentor youth on a daily basis in a protected social networking site.
  • has built-in reporting systems that will improve staff and volunteer efficiencies.
  • has intentional measures of success that will demonstrate the impact that 4-H youth and adults make locally and statewide.

What this means for 4-H Youth Members - The 4-H Online Record Book:

  • has extended opportunities to stay connected to other club members and leaders online.
  • is a fun and interactive way to log 4-H activities and events and to stay connected to the 4-H program.
  • is a more efficient way to keep Record Book information. No more worries about lost pages or misplaced work.
  • provides effective 21st century skills. Citizens and workers must be able to exhibit a range of functional and critical thinking skills related to information, media and technology.
  • assists in Star Rankings calculation to minimize any errors and maximize points.