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Record Book during social isolation

Record Books during social isolation

Tips on meeting 4-H club and project requirements with virtual learning. Here are some tips for earning your Star Rank credits virtually and ideas on how to record them in your Record Book. Remember to talk to your Club or Project Leader about options for meeting project or club completion projects.

Are you a Club Officer? How can you help the younger members in your club finish their 4-H year successfully?

Download Tips for Earning and Recording Star Rank Credits in a Virtual World



Record Book Virtual Evaluations

Trying to decide if you want to host Club and County Record Book Evaluations/Competitions virtually?  This recorded webinar discusses options to consider. 

Covered in the slide deck and video recording:

  • Considerations such as unknowns, inequitable access to tools, and reducing stress on families
  • Star Rank Achievements
  • Evaluation/Competition Recommendations—guidance regardless of how you decide to complete evaluations
  • Options for collecting signatures
  • Options for submitting books: email, scanned, drop-off
  • Options to evaluate virtual independently, virtual small group, in-person after SIP lifted
  • Supports provided by Statewide Incentives & Recognition Advisory Committee

Download the Slide Deck of this recorded webinar: RB Virtual Evaluations



Record Book Competitions

Record books can be submitted for review and evaluation at the Club, County, and State level. Learn more about Record Book Competitions.