Ranch Field Tour, Swanton Pacific Ranch

Sep 13, 2023

Ranch Field Tour, Swanton Pacific Ranch

Sep 13, 2023


How are livestock managers working with Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) and scientists to explore improving the region's rangeland stewardship through work at Cal Poly's Swanton Pacific Ranch?

Join Swanton Pacific Ranch to hear from and discuss varying perspectives about how to improve rangeland management on California's central coast. Sean Baird (Cal Poly) and Paige Pastorino (Pastorino Farms) will discuss their strategies for livestock and rangeland management while touring the ground they manage. Sacha Lozano and Dan Hermstad (both Santa Cruz RCD), and Bailey Smith-Helman (UC Tech. Assistance) will lead a discussion about how to better collaborate on and access financial incentives (or cost-share) programs meant to improve carbon sequestration on ranches and farms. Cal Poly researchers Stewart Wilson, Seeta Sistla, Yamina Pressler, Marc Horney and Grace Damaschino will co-lead a discussion about how  management and soils interact and how we are starting to understand how to improve productivity while sequestering carbon given varying soil types in our region.

Registration is limited: to reserve a spot email Grey Hayes gfhayes@calpoly.edu or call 831-227-7163

Cost: no cost- this is a free workshop (including a free lunch!)

Deadline to register: October 11, 5pm

Click here for the agenda.


This workshop is sponsored by Cal Poly and the California Department of Food and Agriculture in partnership with California Climate Investments- carbon cap and trade funding at work.

By Devii R Rao
Author - San Benito County Director and Area Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor

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