Midpen Grazing Leases

Feb 16, 2024

Please see below announcement from Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (District), regarding a Request for Proposals (RFP) to lease District property for conservation grazing...

The District has released an RFP for three grazing units in San Mateo County: 1) Bluebrush Canyon (260 acres); 2) Lone Madrone (2,060 acres); and 3) Big Dipper/Mindego (695 acres). The District invites qualified livestock operators to submit a proposal for one or more of the three listed grazing units. Proposals should reflect the operator's relevant qualifications, experience, and desire to work with the District by utilizing conservation grazing to meet District goals.

To view the RFP package and for additional information please visit our website, www.openspace.org and click on “What We do”/“Bids and Proposals.” Viewing the RFP does require that applicants sign up for a free account to the public procurement site, Periscope. Instructions for signing up for a Periscope account can be found here or on the “Bids and Proposals” webpage. Make sure to click on the “Register for free” icon. Once logged in to Periscope, you will find basic details about the RFP in the “Description” section, but you will need to download the attachments in the “Documents” section to see the full RFP. Most critically, you will need to download the document “1. 2024 RFP Grazing Leases.” Copies of the RFP and all subsequent addenda will only be made available through Periscope and cannot be sent directly to interested applicants.

Please pay special attention to the mandatory meeting that is scheduled for March 14th at 5pm. That meeting will be held at the District's Administrative Office in Los Altos but can also be attended virtually. If you plan to attend that meeting, you must register with me by 5pm on Thursday, March 7th.

Should you have any issues registering for Periscope or have further questions, please contact me by email, mshapero@openspace.org, or phone, 650-625-6510.  


By Devii R Rao
Author - San Benito County Director and Area Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor