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The San Benito County 4-H Youth Development Program (4-H YDP) Committees provide leadership to the 4-H Program within their respective areas and offer insight, review, and input for the operation and management of the 4-H Program.

Committees are comprised of a representative group of 4-H youth and adult volunteers and are appointed by the San Benito 4-H County Council.

Committee Chair Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

  • Convening and facilitating committee meetings
  • Ensuring the committee fulfills its charge
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on candidates for their committee
  • Developing an annual budget, which is approved by County Council
  • Sharing committee work with all program stakeholders

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Committees meet throughout the year, through face-to-face meetings, conference calls, and email communications in order to conduct committee business. 
  • Committee terms start on July 1st. Youth terms are one year, renewable for an additional year; Adult Volunteers and Partner terms are for two years.

  • Committee sign ups


Budget Request Form - Fill in - Please submit this request by 2nd week of March to the 4-H Office.  Committees and all other events and activities should use this form and process for budget requests for funding from the San Benito County 4-H Council. This will allow the Executive Board to properly budget/allocate funds for the next year.  Requests for funds should be submitted as a budget item for the upcoming year.