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4-H Blog Subscription Directions
  1. Please Visit: http://ucanr.edu/blogs/sanbenito4h/
  2. On right side under “Subscribe” select  "Subscriptions"
  3. The website will now tell you in red letters across the top “Subscription Verification Sent.” You are now able to close this page.
  4. Please go to your e-mail and look for a message from blogs-no-reply@ucanr.edu with the subject “verify subscription to ANR Blog”.
  5. Open the email.  It should say the following: “You have requested a subscription to the ANR Blog, San Benito County 4-H.  Your email must be validated in order for your subscription to begin.  To validate your e-mail click the link below."
  6. Please click “Validate Subscription
  7. Once you click validate, you will be returned to the subscription website which will indicate your subscription is validated.
  8. If you need additional help contact the 4-H office at 831-637-5346 x13 or email jkatawicz@ucanr.edu

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