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4-H events take on a variety of different forms, such as field days, judging, presentation contests, and other educational activities.  These educational events serve a variety of functions, including:

  • allowing members a place to showcase their work and receive feedback
  • an introduction to new topics and opportunity to learn new skills
  • reinforce the learning cycle and allow members to apply knowledge gained in 4-H projects
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4-H All Star Project Event: 

4-H County Ambassadors - UCANR 4-H Youth Development Program in ...Meagan Ricker

4-H All Star County Ambassador 

4-H CPR, Water Safety & COVID-19 Website

You will discover informational videos and resources to help keep you safe in water, sun, COVID-19.  You will also learn ways to help another person in distress with CPR!  
We encourage you to take a few moments to brush up on some life saving techniques. 

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4-H Emerald Star Project Event: 


Related image Kindness Rock Project  

Presented by Mikayla Wenzlik   

No in person meeting due to COVID-19 "shelter in place" 

4-Hers can still participate from home:

 Kindness Rock Project: 

Related image Need river rock or smooth rock

Related image clean rock, paint a kind message

Related image Deliver to 4-H office after April 8th.  We will get the painted rocks to Mykala to place in front of business in our county for public to view.  


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Upcoming Events: 

4-H Open House Event - Postponed due to COVID-19

San Benito County Fair - October 

Youth Summit Conference - Central: January 22-24, 2021


We welcome the community to join us for many different 4-H events and actives. 4-H membership is required for some of the events but many events are open to the public!