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Parade Forms - Required for Participation

Parade Insurance Form

Parade Requirement: 

Leader/ parents will need to notify the organization in charge of the parade event of your clubs intent to participate in the parade.  You will need to submit the parade registration forms to the 4-H office for county director signatures.  Leaders/parents are not authorized to sign the parade registration/ application on behalf of the University and 4-H organization due to liability. 

If your 4-H club is walking or driving in a parade, you will need to provide the unsigned parade registration form to the 4-H office 30 days prior to the event. 

The leaders/parent driving a vehicle in a parade must also complete the following documents: 

  • unsigned parade registration form
  • Attachment D
  • Provide a copy of Driver Licenses for the person driving the float vehicle in the parade. 
  • Provide copy of your auto insurance 
  • Provide a copy of registration for auto and trailer being driven in the parade

You will need to submit these documents to the 4-H office 30 days prior to your event to obtain UC approval signatures and UC insurance.  

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