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Inspiring Video from 4-H Community

Elizabeth's Blood Drive All Star Video

Community Blood Drive 

Presented by Elizabeth Kadludboskis

Elizabeth knocked it out of the park with her 4-H All Star County Ambassador project with an amazing gift of giving blood to a person in need.  Her blood drive project worked with Red Cross and fellow member of our community.  We were inspired by her video on the Blood Drive.  View the video

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4-H All Star County Ambassador  

4-H CPR, Water Safety & COVID-19 Website  4-H County Ambassadors - UCANR 4-H Youth Development Program in ...

You will discover informational videos and resources to help keep you safe in water, sun, COVID-19.  You will also learn ways to help another person in distress with CPR!  
We encourage you to take a few moments to brush up on some life saving techniques. 
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Mejka All Star Project

 The Herd — Land of Milk and Honey

Dairy Goat Awareness video series   

Presented by: Mejka McMullen 

All Star County Ambassador Project


Mejka will be presenting a 4 part series on Dairy Goats. Dairy Goats are very curious animals, friendly, herd animal with great personalities. 

  • Mejka- Dairy Goat Awareness for kids 4 part series

  • Introductions & hoof trimming Video
  • Milking & Bottle Feeding video
  • Cheese Making video
  • Showmanship video

We encourage youth to participate in the dairy goat project. 

"Message of Kindness" pay forward

 4-H families created a Message of Kindness Video  to share with our community.  The inspiration for the video came from 4-Her's in our program to say "Thank you" to emergency responders, hospital workers and cheer up hospital patience's and elderly. 


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"4-H Virtual Petting Zoo"

 4-H families and 4-H staff were inspired to share some of our 4-H animals with your family.  San Benito county 4-H program brings you a 4-H Virtual Petting Zoo with some interesting facts about animals.  Come join the fun and join 4-H today!! For more information on becoming a 4-H member explore our 4-H website or email 4-H office at jkatawicz@ucanr.edu.