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Online 4-H Project Resources

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We are providing on-line support to 4-H project leaders and 4-Hers with resources to engage learning while at home.  If you have any questions please contact the 4-H office for more details or help in obtaining additional 4-H resources. 

Enjoy these on-line 4-H project learning materials from the comfort of your home or 4-H project meeting.

On-line resources for 4-H club leaders, 4-H project leaders and 4-H youth from 4-H state office for technology.  Please visit this site to help meet your needs.  The 4-H county office is always willing to help as well.  Here is the link: http://4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Learning-Development/Virtual_4-H_Technology_Tools_and_Tips/

4-H Projects offered from STEM to Animals

    Activities to keep every 4-Her busy while they are
learning from home.

   5 Way to keep kids engaged and learn at home 

Home Economic & Healthy Living Projects 

 4-H Crafts Projects 

We do not have a standard manual for this project but you may find the following resources helpful:

   4-H Active Guide

  4-H Inspired project on Pinterest  

  4-H Scrapbooking project 

  4-H Jewelry making with ordinary items

 4-H Cooking Project

      4-H fun with food level 1

      4-H helper cooking guide 

     4-H Recipes we learned as kids

 4-H Sewing Project   

     4-H sewing ideas

     4-H primary (5-8 year old) sewing manual

     4-H Sewing manual

     4-H Fashion Revue Contest & Requirements 

       Fashion Revue Show has been canceled for 2020!

 Fiber Art Project 

     Fiber arts project ideas

    4-H Healthy Living Project

    Healthy Living project actives

    CPR, Water, Sun Safety & COVID -19 - Meagan's All Star County Ambassador Project

4-H Cloverbuds (ages 5 to 9 years old) 

  Cloverbud Active Book A thru C
 Cloverbud HORSE Active Book 
 4-H primary (5-8 year old) sewing manual

Gardening Projects 

Starting Tomatoes from Seeds instructional video

Growing Beans instructional video

Quick state guide to home vegetable gardening

Home gardening guide for the family

DIY Gardening project and landscaping ideas to save money.


4-H Livestock Projects 

4-H members check with your 4-H project leader first! Due to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order issued by the Governor of California, watching these videos may replace in-person project meetings.”  

Fun ways to learn about livestock with a local 4-H family: 

Show-Rite Livestock Show Classroom | Webinars | VIDEOS 

 4-H Beef Cattle project 

 4-H Beef Heifer AI Demo by a local Veteran

4-H Showmanship for Dairy

 4-H Goat project 

 4-H Sheep Project 

 4-H Swine Project 

 4-H Equine Horse Project

 4-H Poultry Project 

 4-H Rabbit Project 

Sample #1 livestock buyers letter

Sample #2 buyer livestock letter

YQCA Livestock Training (Fair Requirement to show livestock) 

Market Animal Sale Pptions & Regulations


4-H STEM Projects

 4-H STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) at home active projects
 4-H Film making Project
 4-H Computer Science Project
 4-H Table Top Game (Hobbies) Project
 Discover the art of 4-H Math club
 Robotics and STEM Project ideas
 Ten minute science projects


4-H Outdoor Projects 

 4-H Shooting Sports

 4-H Outdoor Adventures Project

Online 4-H Project Resources - Santa Cruz County