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Club Program Requirement

At the end of each 4-H Program year, all clubs are required to submit a "Club Book" to the County 4-H Office.  This book allows the County 4-H Council and 4-H Staff to review the club's activities throughout the year and provide support and oversight as needed. 

True Leader

The Club Book includes all of the documentation required by the State 4-H Office and the USDA in order to retain the club's charter.  

Club Books consist of three sections: General Documentation, Secretary's Book, and Treasurer's Book.  

Secretary's Book - Secretary Book Elements  Due by August 9, 2018

Treasurer's Book - Treasurer Book Elements   Due by August 9, 2018

Livestock Members APR (Annual Project Report) Due by August 9, 2018

General Documentation - New 4-H Year Club Info  Due by October 1st, 2018

Officer Awards

In addition to Club Seals, Club Secretaries and Club Treasurers who demonstrate exceptional work in their sections of the Club Book are eligible for awards.

The Club Book evaluation panel will then judge them using the following rubrics:

Secretary Book Score Sheet

Treasurer Book Score Sheet

Club Seal Awards

After the Club Books are submitted to the County 4-H Office, they are reviewed by a panel of 4-H volunteers and staff.  This panel makes sure that the club is compliant with charter requirements, and that they are providing a high-quality educational program to its members.

The panel uses a rubric to evaluate the books and awards seals accordingly.  A club must receive at least a green seal in order to be considered to be a "Club in Good Standing".

  • Green Seal - Completes the 14 minimum requirements and submits Club Book by the deadline. 
  • Blue Seal - Completes all minimum requirements plus 5 additional goals from sections 2, 3, or 4 of the Club Program Planning Guide.
  • Gold Seal - Completes all minimum requirements plus 6 or more additional goals from sections 2, 3, or 4 of the Club Program Planning Guide.
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