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County Ambassadors Program

4-H County Ambassador 


4H-True Leaders
San Benito 4-H County Ambassador is the highest achievement at the county level that only a few 4-H members will obtain.   A County Ambassador has shown and continues to display the following criteria:

  • Enthusiasm and commitment to the 4-H program
  • Demonstrates outstanding leadership skills 
  • Involved in 4-H County and Out-of-County events
  • Active in their club
  • A positive role model for all 4-H members
  • Enjoys public speaking
  • Can act independently and also as a team to complete goals

The 4-H members that are chosen to be a county ambassador have shown exemplary accomplishments in the 4-H Program and the community.  For eligibility requirements and application, please review the: 

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Guidelines for San Benito County 4-H Memorial Scholarships



  Non-Club Mode Info on How to Apply For San Benito County All Star County Ambassador

  Non Club Mode All Star County Ambassador Application

County Ambassador Actives Log (turn into your adviser at the completion of your county ambassador term) 


  • Applicant must be between 14 – 18 years old at the time of application and meet the 4-H membership requirements for the length of the term of service.
  • Applicant must have completed at least one year of membership in 4-H prior to the year of application. Membership does not have to be the most recent consecutive year.
  • Applicant must have demonstrated leadership experience and skills by obtaining at least a Gold Star Rank by the time they assume County Ambassador duties (end of their application period). You may submit a signed and dated Star Rank chart or other written and signed documentation that at least 7 of the following were achieved:
  • Completed at least 8 projects
  • Demonstrated at least 15 project skills (can count up to 2 per year outside of 4-H)
  • Attended at least 40 different 4-H events
  • Involved in at least 30 leadership development activities (can count up to 2 per year outside of 4-H), at least two in 4-H must be significant leadership roles of 20 or more hours apiece
  • Participated in at least 30 citizenship and/or community service activities (can count up to 2 per year outside of 4-H)
  • Performed at least 36 communication skills (can count up to 2 per year outside of 4-H), at least 10 of which must qualify as a 4-H presentation
  • Awarded at least 15 honors/recognition (can count up to 2 per year outside of 4-H)
  • Demonstrate involvement in at least 30 Healthy Lifestyle Activities (of at least 25 hours per quarter) outside of 4-H.

Definitions for these categories are found in the Record Book Manual under the section describing the Personal Development Report (PDR). Completing a PDR is not an application requirement for County Ambassador.

  • Have a strong interest in continuing in the 4-H program and a willingness to assume a leadership role at the county level.
  • Recognize the opportunities and responsibilities of a County Ambassador.


To apply for San Benito County County Ambassador, members who are qualified may submit an application between July 1st and the first Thursday of November (by 5 pm) of the year prior to assuming County Ambassador duties.  A brief oral interview by the Incentives & Recognition (I & R) Committee, which may be done individually or as a group, at the committee’s discretion, will be scheduled soon after applications are due.  The County Ambassador application includes:

  2. Plan and coordinate a 4-H activity at the county, regional, or state level that involves 4-Hers serving in the community.
  3. A written plan for approval must be submitted with the County Ambassador application between July 1st and the first Thursday of November by 5 pm. This plan will be discussed at your initial application interview.  The leadership activity must be completed by May 30th of the following calendar year.

The I & R Committee will check-in with you by early March to determine progress on your County Ambassador.