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The primary purpose of the San Benito County 4-H “Bank on Us” Award program is to help 4-H members learn the life skills of self-discipline, goal setting, decision-making, planning, organizing, and leadership. 

The more time and energy that you devote to 4-H and school, the more “interest” you will receive when you graduate from high school.  At the time of graduation if you have met all the requirements, you will receive a cash award from San Benito County 4-H Council.  Awards are based upon the highest star ranking achieved and are not cumulative.

Member must have completed three consecutive years in the San Benito County 4H program during the last three years of the member’s high school career and must be in good standing and have completed all travel obligations and commitments.  Members enrolling by December 31st of the year they turn 15 are eligible.  (If you graduate early, you must have completed three consecutive years in the San Benito County 4-H program (enrolled by December 31st of the first year) at the time you graduate to qualify.)

An application and last 3 years’ Personal Development Reports (updated through March 1) with all mandatory signatures are required as documentation of involvement.  An updated transcript is required for the GPA bonus of all awards.

"The Emerald Star project application was voted and passed on January 28, 2019 at the 4-H county council meeting.  The vote passed was to make changes to the process and payout for 4-H Bank on Us senior scholarships. 

Just a reminder, new Emerald Star application and new Bank on US payout will apply for all 4-H members applying for an Emerald Star project after January 28, 2019!" 

The new Emerald Star application and Bank on Us scholarship changes will be posted soon.

San Benito County 4-H Bank on Us information and applications: 

2018 Bank on Us Qualifications & Process

2018 Bank on Us Application


****All scholarship information is due to the 4-H Office by 5:00pm, April 16, 2020.  No Exceptions!****

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Cash awards available upon graduation from high school:

        Bronze Star rank: $100.00

                GPA of 3.0 or higher(4.0 Scale):  additional $100.00    (maximum: $200.00)

        Silver Star rank: $150.00

                GPA of 3.0 or higher(4.0 Scale):  additional $150.00    (maximum: $300.00)

        Gold Star rank: $200.00

                GPA of 3.0 or higher(4.0 Scale):  additional $200.00    (maximum: $400.00)

        Platinum Star rank: $250.00

                GPA of 3.0 or higher(4.0 Scale):  additional $250.00    (maximum: $500.00)

In addition, members may receive a one-time incentive for each of the following completed during the ages of 15 - 19:

One of the following - Emerald Star, All Star, or conducted a countywide event/activity (see attached contract):  additional $1,000.00    GPA of 3.0or higher:  additional $1,000.00(maximum: $2,000.00)

One of the following - Youth committee members for regional or state events and/or committees:  additional $500.00

Diamond Clover winners:  additional $1,000.00

4-H Members who were selected to be a 4-H State Ambassador or on the 4-H Technology Team:  additional $1,000.00

All Stars who completed their All Star year with 80% participation and attendance at events/activities (based on the contract they signed up under): additional $1,000.00

**NOTE:  Any ongoing commitments or awards will be re-verified before awards are dispersed in June.

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