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Returning Adult Leaders

Returning Adult Leaders

4-H has grown in California because of the dedication of our volunteers.  Some of our volunteers have supported 4-H for 10, 20 and 30 years or more!

Re-apply annually by December 31st             

All 4-H volunteers must be appointed annually.  If you are a current 4-H Adult Volunteer, to continue in the next year you need to re-apply and be re-appointed by December 31st to continue with no breaks in service.

Re-enrollment process

  • Enrollment fees are paid by 4-H county council

After all the application requirements and mandatory trainings are completed, the County Director reviews and approves the volunteer appointments.

NOTE:  If you have a break in service

You have a break in service if you are not currently enrolled as a 4-H volunteer when you apply for the new year.  Please follow the process for New Volunteers when applying.

Volunteer Resource 

4-H Youth Development Program