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Returning Youth Members

Second Life Marketplace - "Welcome Back" Gesture No Sound  Steps to enroll a Returning 4-H Youth

Welcome to another amazing year in 4-H!  Please take a moment to review the 4-H Membership Policy.  To enroll, please follow these steps:

List of Club List for San Benito County 4-H.  

All livestock youth members interested in showing livestock at fair
MUST BE ENROLLED BY DECEMBER 31st in 4-H on-line and livestock

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • 2022-2023 4-H Enrollment fee 
    • NEW payment process for 2022-2023 enrollment fee structure. 

      The 1st youth in the family will include a $40 family 4-H program fee.  After the 1st youth in family enrollment fee will reduce to $100 since the family fee has been covered under the 1st youth enrollment fee for the family 4-H program fee.  

      The 4-H $40 family program fee covers the 4-H leaders in our 4-H program by sharing the cost equally with all the 4-H youth families.

  • Payment options: 

    • CASH/CHECK DISCOUNT -Pay directly to your 4-H community club leader. 
    • ON-LINE payment survey system! - Additional $5 processing fee will apply for credit card transactions. 
    • PayPal App. use "sbc4hcouncil@gmail.com as payee. - Additional $10 processing fee will apply for credit card transactions. 

You may not begin participating in 4-H activities until both steps have been completed. 

You may access your 4hOnline profile at any time of the year to change what projects you are enrolled in, update your health information, etc.

If you have any questions about enrolling a new youth member, please contact the County 4-H Office at 831-637-5346 x102 or mobile (831) 205-3180 or jkatatwicz@ucanr.edu

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